The Major Purposes of Essay Writing in Education - Writing an Essay
Essay writing is a major part of a formal education in the primary, secondary and higher education levels. In undergraduate or postgraduate education, a student would write his essay so he can assess,  explain, or comment on a particular topic of study. However, there are other reasons or purposes of essays in formal education that you should know so you can learn to appreciate the importance or value of essays in your studies.

The major purposes of essays in formal education:
  • Internalisation of knowledge – You would have a better chance of fully internalising or possessing the knowledge you learned because the writing of essays would help you to internalise the facts that you have heard or read during your studies.
  • Intellectual development - Writing an essay would stimulate your intellect and is a form of mental exercise for your brain because you are forced to analyse, evaluate and think of the approach you would use for researching and writing your essay.
  • Development of student skills -  Writing an essay would develop your student skills such as reading and writing skills, analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and research skills, which are all applicable during the whole process of writing essays. A lecturer would be able to determine if you used those skills based on how you wrote your essay, answered the problem or question, discuss the arguments or discussions in the body, and how the conclusion was presented.
  • Level of achievement – Lecturers or tutors would use the essays to evaluate a student's comprehension and expertise for a particular course, material, or field of discipline.
  • As a student in the undergraduate or postgraduate education level, you and other students like you would know the challenges or difficulties you would face in your essay writing tasks. Consequently, you might think of ordering custom written essays custom essay writing services, which provide custom essays that a student could use as a model or guide for writing his own essay.
However, it is preferable if you learn to develop and improve your own essay writing skills because that would fulfil two of the purposes of the importance of essays in education, which are intellectual development and development of student skills.

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